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Tourism in Diksmuide and the Westhoek: so many options

Diksmuide, a small town in the Westhoek

Diksmuide is situated near the Yser river and the Handzamevaart. This town has a population of about 16,000 and is known as the Butter town. A nickname that refers to the blooming dairy business that made Diksmuide rich. Diksmuide is the gateway to the Polder landscape. The city hall with belfry is located at the Grote Markt in front of the Sint-Niklaaskerk (St Nicholas Church) are the main architectural highlights.

In and around Diksmuide there’s plenty to do. Cultural, culinary and sports related. For up to date information we’d like to refer to Diksmuide‘s tourist information website. Looking for something further afield? Check the Westhoek‘s website.

In a half hour radius there are plenty of beautiful towns with each their own unique assets.

Ypres (23 km) with its very apparent medieval appearance as well as its notable war history.

Roeselare(24 km) with an attractive centre filled with cosy terraces, fun shops, a lovely buzz and the new museum dedicated to the cycling sport, 'Koers'.

Bruges (50 km): UNESCO world heritage sites that are on every tourist’s must-see-list.

Only 15km from the Belgian coast

The Belgian coast is the most popular tourist region in the country. Enjoy breezy beach walks. Walk on the pier or rent a go cart for sightseeing down the boulevard. Enjoy some pancakes with hot chocolate in the winter or a delicious microbrew on a sunny terrace in the summer. A day by the sea guarantees joy.

Nieuwpoort, with its newly renovated promenade by the channel and the largest marina in Northern Europe is the nearest coastal town. Other options are Ostend or De Panne. Both are a half hour drive away.

You can find all info on the coast‘s website.

Cycle or hike through unique Polder landscapes

For the Westhoek’s cycle network’s tenth anniversary, the whole route was recently restored. The junctions were increased, and a couple of new routes were added. The network is now catering to even more beautiful spots. So, get your bike out of the shed or rent ones nearby.

Prefer hiking? The five hiking networks in the Westhoek will keep you entertained. In and around Diksmuide you’ll find a few excellent routes. Get your walking shoes out.

A journey through war heritage

The German army came to the Yser in 1914. It was the beginning of a war with unimaginable consequences and destruction. The whole Diksmuide area was reduced to rubble and ash during the ‘14-’18 period. The region is rife with monuments and burial grounds as a reminder of this horrible time.

Diksmuide itself boasts the Yser tower and the Yser Museum. From the tower, in fair weather, you’ll have a spectacular view of the whole trench area. Not far from here the “Dodengang” or Trench of Death runs, the only remaining Belgian trench network of the First World War.

You can find more information and plan your visit to these various sites here. This only covers the sites in and near Diksmuide. If you are interested in the history of the First World War, you might like a more holistic view and will find more information on theFlanders Fields website.